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Alleviate Snoring and Sleep Apnea With the Apinator

The innovative design of the Apinator makes your sleep treatments easy and comfortable

The Apinator is an innovative, dual-layer oral mouthpiece for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring. The Apinator is a major breakthrough from traditional hard, laboratory-fabricated appliances. Intraoral devices used to treat snoring and sleep apnea are based on a simple idea that the more room created in the mouth for the tongue, the less likely it is to collapse on the airway during sleep.

The Apinator is specifically designed to address your snoring concerns

Intraoral sleep appliances have traditionally gained tongue space in the mouth by maintaining a combined position of horizontal, mandibular advancement, and increased vertical height of the maxillo-mandibular relationship. The innovative concept of the Apinator is simple: Minimize the intraoral component to maximize tongue space. Comfort and ease of use are key components in the success of the Apinator, all while it performs its duties perfectly:

  • Takes up little space in the mouth

  • Creates more room in the palate and interdentally for the tongue

  • Supports the lower jaw in a position to maximize oral airway space

  • Appliance is designed to allow the lips to close normally, maintaining your sleep comfort

  • Fitted over vacuum-formed retainers for the upper and lower arches

  • A Velcro strap is included to provide added retention and comfort

  • Easily fitted in your office in 2 minutes or less, with no costly lab fee

Like other Moses Appliances, the Apinator can be used as an inexpensive trial device to test the efficacy and a patient’s tolerance to a permanent intraoral sleep apnea/snoring device. Similarly, an Apinator may be fitted for use as a temporary device should the patient’s permanent device need to be returned to the lab for repair. It is the perfect solution for clinicians to recommend and prevent a break in treatment.

The Apinator may also be used as a permanent treatment device for those patients who cannot afford a custom device of for patient who have compromised posterior support. Because it can be remolded time and again, the appliance can grow and change along with the patient, providing maximum comfort without the financial burden or reinvesting in new equipment for treatment.

THE APINATOR™ Directions
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Watch Dr. Moses fitting an Apinator