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Moses Appliances: your patient’s solution for their nighttime dental troubles

Moses Appliances LLC is an FDA-approved line of dental appliances that can help alleviate sleep apnea and snoring in individuals. We offer custom and semi-custom appliance fittings as well as temporary and permanent devices for adults aged 18 and over.

Sleep apnea is a pain. The solution doesn’t have to be.

Dr. Allen Moses has dedicated his career to helping his patients sleep more soundly by addressing the often unseen causes of their issues. By directly addressing the discomfort and frustration that accompanies untreated snoring, sleep apnea, and more, Dr. Moses has created easy, cost-effective, comfortable sleep solutions for his patients, inspiring him to share this technology with other dentists and their patients. These patented, originally designed appliances are now available for you to bring into your own office and share with your patients.

Your snoring and sleep apnea troubles need a long-term solution

The importance of getting restful sleep goes way beyond boosting your mood and banishing under-eye circles. It is also a key part of a healthy lifestyle that will benefit your heart, weight, mind, and body in the long run. Unnecessary nighttime activity such as snoring is usually an indicator of a pervasive sleeping disorder. The most common one is sleep apnea, which causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep. Left untreated, it can lead to various serious health consequences such as increasing your risk for diabetes, heart problems, and more.

Moses Appliances are your best option for quick, effective snoring and OSA solutions

Easily fitted in your office in 2 minutes or less, skipping the costly lab fee!
• Affordable options for patients who cannot afford a custom appliance.
• Takes up very little space in the mouth
• Appliances are versatile – they can be used on a trial, temporary, or permanent basis depending on your plan for patient care
• Simple easy to follow instructions
• Made of flexible material, softened in hot water, and fabricated directly in the mouth
• If the fit is not perfect the first time, the appliance can be reheated and refit. No wasting appliances!
• Few, if any adjustments for sore spots, meaning there is no need for trimming or polishing
• Sturdy, durable material with the feel of a common mouthguard will not break or crack if dropped
• Great retention and comfort